Jewelry Care

Hannah Daye fine jewelry is crafted of precious metals and genuine gemstones.

We work only in reclaimed sterling silver and 14 & 18 karat gold. Precious metals require cleaning from time to time. With proper care, your Hannah Daye jewelry will retain its beauty and character for many years.

Sterling silver tarnishes, especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulfur. Chemical substances, including perfumes and cosmetics, can be corrosive to precious metals and gemstones. Natural gemstones are delicate. Settings and clasps do wear over time. Remove your jewelry before swimming in the ocean or in chlorinated water.

We encourage you to enjoy and wear your Hannah Daye jewelry. When you take off your fine jewelry, gently use a soft polishing cloth to enhance its luster, and then store it in a jewelry pouch or jewelry box.


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Citrine Lexington Ring Amethyst LexiBand Ring Hannah Daye shopping Bag
Grand Deuce Tennis Pendant Sterling Silver by Hannah Daye & Co court-side at the Delray Beach Open
Hannah Daye Burbon Barrel Sign with Cascade Infinity Necklace and Rosette Charm